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Angell Molony is dedicated to the enforcement of judgments across the state of South Carolina.

Whether the judgment originated in South Carolina and the debtor has assets outside of the state, or the debtor has assets in South Carolina, Angell Molony will tirelessly pursue all channels of recovery and work to get our clients paid. 

Judgment Recovery

Obtaining a judgment does not always end the legal process. Often, judgment debtors are unable or unwilling to pay towards satisfaction of a court ordered judgment and to collect any money at all may require...

Asset Searches

Review thousands of public sites and databases via multiple sources to determine details of the debtor that is then compiled and synthesized into an overview of the debtor's profile. Upon completing internal asset search, we submit a final report to client, outlining details of the debtor and financial profile.

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Judgment Recovery

How to enforce my judgment?

Enforcement requires attempting to collect, getting the Judgment before the right judge, and then convincing the judge to apply assets to the Judgment. Or it can be handled through settlement negotiations, the avenue we believe to be the most beneficial the most often.

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Judgment Recovery

Strategies for Successful Judgment Recovery

Judgment Recovery through post-judgment enforcement requires knowing the relevant laws, regulations, and procedures; understanding the Judgment Debtor and their Assets; determining when to fight and when to settle; and the tenacity and discipline to see it all the way through.

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Judgment Recovery

What is a Judgment?

To paraphrase the civil procedure rules in South Carolina, a Judgment is an order from the court that finally determines the rights of a party – typically stating that the Judgment Holder is entitled to a specific amount of money from another party. While that sounds simple, what does it practically mean to hold a Judgment?

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