Whether you’re a real estate agent, broker, lender, buyer or seller-Angell Molony is here to help you close the deal. Often, delays in processing and scheduling due to availability of closing attorneys stifle transactions and compromise closings. This is not the case for our firm.

Through the integration of advanced software, multifaceted communication points, and the proficiency of each and every team member, we are revolutionizing residential closings across the state. At Angell Molony, we believe that the closing process should operate with modern technology and functionality expected in every other business facet of the world.

Time is money-so give us a call or fill out the form below and allow us to demonstrate why Angell Molony has quickly earned a reputation for both competence and proficiency when it comes to residential closings.



From office buildings, multi-unit dwellings, retail centers and beyond, Angell Molony is the go to law firm to close the deal. By focusing on our relationships with brokers, lenders, buyers and sellers, our firm’s commercial closing practice has blossomed from the ground up. Our business-like approach in representing our clients from start to finish has been a welcome refreshment to the traditional dusty legal pace.

Gone are the days of slow-drawn out closing transactions caused by an attorney who is simply too busy or unmotivated to step up in real time. Our collaborative process and desire to serve clients in a more meaningful, efficient and timely manner is displayed in every communication, transaction and exchange with every member of the team from start to finish.

Please contact us via phone, email or through the form below and allow us to demonstrate the difference our firm will bring to the commercial closing table.